Thursday, July 8, 2010

'i have no choice'

here we come to the 'i have no choice' dilemma..

seriusly,i HATE this statement..
even though sumtimes yes this in true but most of the time people use it for the wrong cause..

such as:

for a shopaholic (sounds like me,ahaks):i have no choice but to buy this soo beautiful,nice n expensive bag..

for an artist:i have no choice but to wear this soo sexy clothes that show my cleavage cuz people ask me to..

for a lover:i have no choice to date you cuz i dont want to stay single..

and bla,bla,bla..

it is just an excuse
there are even meaner evil use with that statement that i sumtimes feel like just to poke the person eye out..

seriusly,we do have a choice no matter in what situation exist
its ok to use the line but only after all options are taking to account and all our emotions are put aside..

but not all the time ok..
so,explore ur choices....