Tuesday, September 18, 2012

tips for legs shaving

hey there people everywhere

do you do legs shaving?haha.it is a funny question though.but still some girls do and some doesn't
most time i rely dearly on Veet and anything relates to it.
if not, my legs will look weird becuz i used to shave it all the time
but at times when you are out of money even Veet yang berharga RM4 pon can be a burden.ok student life biasalah kan
so i think really hard what to do in EMERGENCY ok
you can try it out

1. buy a cheap razor.please don't buy gilette. it is super sharp and not suitable for legs shaving.plus   afterwards kaki akan luka.and when people said the hair will get thicker is true if u used sharp razor blade.so beli sajela yang murah2 ok

2. you have shaver cream? if ade you can used that.sapu saja kat kaki but if nak more economical, just used shampoo saje.put the shampoo on your palm,get as much bubble as possible then letak saja kat kaki

3.shave your legs SLOWLY.kalau tak, sakit ok.sakit tanggung sendiri.hehe

4.basuh and put some baby powder on.why baby powder? it helps to cover up open pores.some people use lotion.either one that suits you well

-its cheap
-it works
-it is faster than Veet

-some people will get rashes if not suitable with razor blade.that is why im suggesting using cheaper ones
-some people will get thicker hair grown.me too but still ok2 lah

ok.that is all.you can try it out.simple tips that could save money

p/s: i used to laugh all the time each time the word 'bulu' comes out.haha ------> still laughing hard

online blog

hey peeps.

i want to try out to open my on online shop.tapi kecil-kecilan ok.
kecil-kecilan bermakna hanya 3,4 helai for each design
i always get lazy when i have to deal with the internet often.i'm not actually an internet savvy much
by trying, i really mean i want to work it out
i wanna start with girls dresses
they are so cute it makes me drool (hey,phedophiles is a crime.beware!)
im waiting for my first girl dress.
lets see how it goes shall we?

have a nice day. =)