Monday, April 2, 2012

older and wiser

i am finishing my degree soon.yeay!

looking back, i am sure i had a very good teenage life. i met a lot of people.
some are easily forgotten, some are just stay and be part of me
some are so important that w/out them my life will seem so dull
some left w/out my will

tapi still x adelah bile kite dah jadi lagi tua/bertambah umur akan buatkan kite lebih bijak atau lagi matang
ever heard that a girl is intelligent until she fell in love?
it happens to me often. *ouch
maybe it means kite kena buat more choices in life
so cmana nak tau which choices we made is the right one?
well.u will never know
some said we should follow what our heart says
but last time i check my heart doesn't have any neuron cells to make decision
lalu, i made up my mind for every decision i made harus diiringi dengan penuh tawakal
berserah diri hanya pada yang Esa
kenapa? kerana rezeki itu hak Allah.
kite hanya boleh usaha je

so for now, i am hoping this one decision i am going to make is the right one. *praying hard*

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