Saturday, October 20, 2012


hello pretty girls and pretty boys,

its been a while since i watch any movie. so last week finally i got free time after a very busy month and my escapade is cartooooon!

i really like this movie though.

3 reasons why it is worth the watch:

1. simple story line.kisahnya hanya pasal count dracula yang kehilangan isteri. nampaknya dracula sangat sayangkan isterinya dan sanggup protect anak gadis yang berusia 180 tahun seperti baby lagi. but hey, everybody grows up. you cant stop the wind from blowing either. the fatherly love is sooo touching

2. love at the first sight is everything. bukankah sangat hopeless romantik when you met someone and the person become your ZING! and live happily ever after. well, itu hanya fairytale ye kalian semua. but love at the first sight is the sweetest. the guy is even more sweet, he knows the girl is a vampire, but seems like love conquers all. bukankah all girls mencari jejaka begini???

3. it is super funny. the monster is all so happening. monster are scared of human too. just as we are scared of them. semua watak nya kelakar sangat. one word, FUNNY.

well.since i dont watch scary movie so if you like a light/delightful/colorful movie it is worth a watch.

p/s: i do want to go to hawaii too. love beaches to bits. ;)

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